Is Passion a must-have to run a Successful Blog?

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is passion a must to start a blog

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I have read many blogs and a few books on how to become a successful blogger.

And all of them have listed “passion” as the most important thing you need to become a successful blogger; a passion towards a field, subject, topic or the so-called “niche”.

That’s true!

If you are not passionate about something you will never put the much-needed effort to make it more than just something.

The same goes with blogging. If you want to be a successful blogger then you will have to work hard and to work hard you must enjoy what you do, otherwise, you will get bored after some time and things will start to fall apart.


What if you don’t know what your passion is?

What if your passion changes over time?

Should you wait till you find your passion to start a blog around it?

While growing up, I always wanted to be a cricketer and when I am not studying you would find me on the ground playing cricket, even if I am alone I would just practice catching. I would throw the ball high in the sky and catch it.

…then I wanted to be a singer and you would find me spending hours after hours in the bathroom, singing.

…then I wanted to be a successful businessman and wanted to make a lot of money and help the poor. To be honest, I only dreamt about it, never tried anything exceptional to see if I have what it takes to be a businessman, except selling bananas to the people at our village.

It’s not like I don’t want any of them now, it’s just I am not as passionate as I was as a kid.

So, now if I stick to some niche I am passionate about now, what if it changes after 2-3 years? Will I still be writing about it?

That’s, in fact, a nice question you should ask anyone who says “you should only blog if you’re passionate about something”.

I won’t totally disagree; having a strong interest in some field or niche will always play the upper hand in your blogging career.

But having said that, I don’t agree with anyone who says if you don’t have a passion for some niche then you should stop thinking about blogging.

I believe passion can be developed.

Is passion a must to start a blog? – I mean, Really?

As a human, if we put our mind to something, with dedication and hard work we can definitely achieve it.

If you don’t know where your passion lies, that means you just haven’t felt it yet; it is somewhere inside. You probably just need to do some figuring out.

Have you watched the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” where Will Smith played Chris Gardner? If yes then great, stick with me here.

But if not, go watch the movie and come back or just make a note of it for now and watch the movie whenever you find the time, but be sure to watch it; it’s something no wannabe entrepreneurs should miss.

The movie is based on Christopher Gardner’s journey from a homeless man to a multi-billionaire.

When Gardner got into stocks brokerage, he had no idea what stocks are.

The only thing that he knew was people are making good money in this job. He realized if he can somehow get into this business he can provide the life to his son which he never had for himself. He was desperate to make that happen.

Now that brings me to my question, do you really need to have a passion to be a successful blogger?

Gardner did not know if he is passionate about stocks when he first got into it. He was just doing it coz that’s the only thing he thought that could give him and his kid a better life.

Over time, when Gardner started to spend some more time with the business, he developed a passion for stocks. He then took a 6 months training which taught him everything he needed to get started.

However, he was already good with numbers; he just didn’t know that until he got face to face with the investment market.

Gardner finds himself fortunate to find something he truly loved, something where he couldn’t wait for the sun to rise so he could do it again.

He found his strengths in his work. He became an expert in stocks and investments and finally started his own investment firm and became a multi-billionaire.

Gardner himself states, if he can do it, you can do it too.

You can be the Gardner of blogging.

With utter determination and persistence, you can surely become an exceptional blogger.

Passion is no doubt a very important factor in life to do or achieve something.

In Christopher Gardner’s words

“Passion is everything. In fact, you’ve got to be borderline fanatical about what you do.”

— I add, not necessarily towards a niche, rather a goal, you are desperate to achieve.

If you have not found your passion yet, don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to have a passion for any niche right away; with hard work and consistent efforts you can always develop that.

The only thing you should be passionate about right now is a goal that you would definitely want to achieve.

If you’re seriously thinking about blogging then ask yourself, “What do I really want to achieve through blogging? What is it that blogging can do for me? How blogging can reshape my life?”

You have to be desperate to achieve your goal, just like Mr. Gardner was.

We are framed to believe that everyone has one passion in life and you just need to peruse that passion and everything else will fall into the right places.

But what if you spent half of your life looking for that passion and still not sure what is it?

Won’t it be discouraging??

So, stop looking for that passion (it’s all in your brain). If you haven’t already found it then stop looking for it and rather focus on your life goal; put in your full dedication and hard work to make it real.

Trust me, there will always come a time when you will wonder what if you’ve picked the wrong niche?

But there’s actually nothing wrong or right in it; Sure It could be very overwhelming. But if you don’t give it a try how on earth would you find out if that is something you can do for the rest of your life or not?

Remember, there are two types of people in this world, one who has found their passion and started working on it and made a fortune out of it, and then the other type of people who started working on something and over the time they discovered their passion for it and turned it into something big.

– so much like a love marriage and an arranged marriage; you fall in love with someone and then get married or your family set you up with someone, you get married and then fall in love.

Either one works; as long as you are committed to making it work.

So, just pick a niche you find exciting and put your 100% into it and then tell me if it doesn’t work.

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Final Words:

Be realistic and don’t pressurize yourself to find the passion; everything you’re supposed to do should not always fit into the passion vertical.

Not just in case of blogging, but for anything you want to achieve in life, think of the moment, “how it will make you feel when you have achieved your goal?” and then just go and do what is necessary.


To live a life full of meaning and value, you don’t follow your passion, your passion follows you.


With that thought, see you soon.


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