10 Premium looking FREE WordPress themes for your blog

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10 Premium looking FREE WordPress themes

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When you land on a website or blog what is the most important thing that makes you stay?

In my case, it is always the design of the blog, even before the content. Before I get to the content I always admire how the blog is designed.

I believe for you as well it is one of the important factors that matter; if not the most important one.

Here’s one analogy…

Let’s say you saw a girl you have never seen before; what is it that makes you feel attracted to her?

It could be her face, her body, her hair, her walk, her smile; but what if you are seeing her from a distance?

Well, in such a situation, before everything else it always gonna be her dressing.

Like they say “How you dress is the key to the impression you have on others”

It goes without saying, a catchy design for your blog is as important as your content.

And for a WordPress blog, it’s always the theme that sets your blog apart from all the unstructured, cluttered, ugly blogs out there.

A premium theme with all the amazing features and prompt support would sure do the best to stand your blog out.

But when you are just getting started, it is not at all necessary and also you might not have the budget to go for a premium theme right away.

So, for such cases, here I have compiled a list of “’10 FREE WordPress themes for your blog –  they will make your blog look almost as premium as a paid theme could do .”

10 Premium looking FREE WordPress themes for your blog:


Hueman is perfect for any blog or magazine you would want to create. It looks stylish, easy to customize, loading speed is very good and it comes with a responsive layout.

The premium version has some extra features. But if you are just starting up, then it has enough features already.

The theme is being used for more than 80K websites around the world – according to wordpress.org.

It has 5 out of 5 ratings as well.

Know more about the theme 

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Again, a perfect theme for any blog or an online magazine; it is perfect for beginners as it is very easy to play around. More than that it looks slick, clean and just pleases the eyes.

Journal is very customizable and easy to use. As per its author “Journal comes with a lot of modules that will make your life a lot easier in the process of implementing your new blog.”

And the best part about this theme is it comes with the feature, 1 click demo content Installation which makes it look exactly like the one you see on the live preview.

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Vertex is a beautiful responsive theme for a photography blog or maybe a travel blog; as it has emphasized more on the presentation of images.

With its clean and elegant design, it will surely impress your audience. It comes with a fully responsive slider, which makes it even more appealing.

Vertex has a video post type; which makes it easy for you to share your travel experiences and to engage your audience at a higher level.

Know more about the theme and its features

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Colormag is suitable for any news blogs or online magazines. You can use different colors to highlight the categories of your blog on the home page itself.

The theme options might look a bit tricky at first, but once you start using it, you can get along pretty easily. And the best part is, the theme comes with the documentation, which is very rare for a free theme.

Just follow the documentation and you are good to go. It’s very easy and self-explanatory.

If you want to run ads on your blog then it is one of the best free themes I have come across.

You won’t have to install any plugin to show ads; the theme has a dedicated section inside the theme options to place banner ads or Google ads on the sidebar, between posts and on the head section as well.

The theme has a pro version as well. But the free version pretty much does the work for you, if you have just got into blogging. Even the free version of the theme looks amazing when it’s configured properly.

Know more about the theme and its features

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As the author quoted, “Simplicity is at the core of Otzi WordPress Theme”; Otzi is indeed a simple, clean, and stylish theme that can be used for any blog.

Otzi also comes with instructions on how to set up the blog. So, it is easy to configure.

It has a responsive SEO friendly design. The beautification of the blog can be done easily; thanks to the documentation.

Just make sure to add featured images to each post or else the homepage would look very dull.

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Another simple and clean magazine style WordPress theme, suitable for any blog; comes with an inbuilt ad manager. If you were looking for a theme that is very easy to the eyes then your search ends here.

Groovy is more focused on showcasing your contents; however, not so suitable for vlogs (video blogs).

The loading speed of this theme is comparatively faster than many other themes available online. Even on mobile devices with a slow internet connection, it loads pretty fast. It handles any device or browser with ease.

The setup process is so easy that you can set it up in just a few minutes and start putting content into your blog.

Know more about the theme

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This theme well meets most of the needs of a blogger, whether you are into personal or professional blogging or you want to start a photography blog, you can surely impress your audience by showcasing your contents into this theme.

Blogism is extremely responsive; it supports most of the web browsers.

It has a fresh and flexible look that makes it a very user-friendly theme; you won’t have any difficulty in configuring the theme. Although, you might gonna need to know a little bit of CSS to customize the colours of the theme as the free version doesn’t come with colour options.

Know more about the theme and its features

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One more theme developed by the same author of GROOVY above.

If you are a fan of the grid-style layout, then GridBlog is the one for you. It has a very unique and 100% responsive design.

It could be a very good choice for a lifestyle blog or literally any blog. It comes packed with many awesome features; one that I like so much is the options panel that allows you to easily customize the theme.

Even if you are a newbie and has no experience at all, yet you won’t find it any difficult to configure the theme.

Know more about the theme

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A stylish and elegant WordPress theme for your photography blog. If you are not in a situation to invest on a premium theme but still want a minimalistic theme which can attractively show off your work, then look no further, you can go with Photomania.

Photomania is designed to adapt to the needs of a photoblogger might have. It is well accepted by almost all the web-browsers. It comes with a responsive design that fits into any device you pick.

The only con about the free version is it has very limited features, but still a good pick to start off.

Know more about the theme

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“Bloger” is the theme that I used on honingbird.com when I got started.

After experimenting with a lot of themes I somehow stumbled upon Bloger by AccessPress. Right away I knew it would fulfil all my needs, and it sure did.

It’s clean, neat, and very easy to customize; however, I had to code some CSS to customize a few things. But overall my experience is overwhelming with Bloger.

It has almost all the features needed for a complete blog. It comes packed with a few awesome plugins as well.

It also comes with the documentation to make your life even easier.

In my experience, it is so far the best free theme available for any blog.

And for those who like grid-styled layouts, Bloger comes with a grid-style homepage layout as well.

Know more about the theme

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Final Words:

I believe the branding of a blog starts with picking the right theme for itBiswajeet Das

The process of finding the right theme for your WordPress blog can at times feel quite overwhelming, especially when you are just starting up and don’t know where to look for.

I hope today’s post did help you to some extent to find the perfect theme for the remarkable blog you’re about to create.

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P.S. The list that I have shared above not necessarily have to be the list you pick your theme from. I have shared the authors link for each theme. So, go ahead and check out the other themes they have as well and who knows you might actually find the perfect theme outside the list.

Don’t settle, keep exploring and I will see you next soon.


If you have found the post helpful, please share it with your friends and family who you believe would benefit from this.

And if you know any other themes that could have made to the list please let me know in the comments below.

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