How I Made $3500 Just by Working An Hour Per Day

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Back in 2014, I was working in the tech industry. But after being there for 2 long years I suddenly realized I am not meant for this field, as I was just so miserable there.

So, I took a break from corporate life. I went home for a couple of months and thought it through, what I really want to do in life?

Then one day I came up with an idea; I have done BBA and I am very good at technical stuff and I mostly spend my time online, so what if I could combine them all and make a career out of it; that would be perfect for me.

So, I started to read job profiles that are similar to my requirements. At that time I heard a lot about SEO but didn’t know what it is and I had no idea what digital marketing is all about.

I kept on digging and gathered enough knowledge about digital marketing and made my decision, “I want to work in this field.” Marketing was my favorite subject in BBA and I love spending time on the internet; so it’s a perfect match.

But the problem was I didn’t have much savings.  And it had been more than months I was not in a job. The little money I had saved over the years was almost depleted and I was still at home.

That is the time when I lost my granny. So, I couldn’t just leave for Mumbai as well to look for a job.

After a few weeks when everything seemed fine at home; I came back to Mumbai and started to look for a job in digital marketing, but no luck at all.

I went for a few job interviews and when the interviewer asks me about SEO or digital marketing, I couldn’t say anything beyond the basic definitions. And apparently, that wasn’t enough for them.

I realized I have to learn more about these before I look for a job and like every Digital Marketer would suggest, “you learn more when you practically apply whatever you’re learning.” And I couldn’t agree more.

I started a blog and whatever I learn I implement it there. Although, I couldn’t maintain the blog for long and it collapsed. But the good thing is I had learned many things about SEO and digital marketing while working on the blog.

After working for a few months on the blog, I started looking for a job again, which was my ultimate goal anyway; coz I wanted to gain some professional experience to strengthen my profile.

And finally, after a month or so, I got a job as an SEO executive in a startup. But I couldn’t get along with the boss and there was no scope for learning; I somehow worked there for 3 months, then, I left the company.

So, back to square one; I started to look for a job again. However this time I didn’t have to wait for long. Within a week I got a job in another startup. But they were paying me only Rs.6000/-.

“How will you manage with just 6000?”

That was the first question my mom had when I told her about the job and the salary I’ll be getting.

She was happy but at the same time, she was worried if I won’t be able to manage with that little money; and honestly, I knew I couldn’t, especially in a city like Mumbai.

As I had strictly told my parents not to put money in my account ever unless there’s an emergency and I can’t manage on my own.

So, I had to find a way to make a second income.

It’s not like I wasn’t worried; I was and I would have rejected that offer for that little salary, but I saw an opportunity to learn; So, I decided to stick along for some time and see where it takes me.

I must say it turned out to be a good decision in my life.

I got to learn many things about digital marketing, tried different tools, kind of have understood Facebook marketing inside out, got appreciated by clients for running good PPC campaigns for them on Facebook as well as on Google.

And as a bonus I have advanced my skills in WordPress; now I can design a WordPress site without any issue. In fact, I even have designed a few for my clients already.

All in all, it was a good run; I stayed with the company for three and a half years and after that, I decided to work on my own and never look for another job.

To be honest I was very positive about this decision and excited to see where life takes me from here.

Anyways, the big question is still unanswered…

"HOW DID I SURVIVE with just Rs.6000/- in a city like Mumbai?"

Well honestly, I didn’t. 🙂

My salary was initially 6000, but later on, I got 3 small raises within a year when my boss saw my work, and he was impressed with my dedication and hard work. However, I was still being underpaid but I wasn’t worried about it. I knew I will find a way; I always do.

So, when I am not at work, I desperately kept looking for a way to make some extra cash.

I couldn’t look for an offline job coz there’s hardly any time left after the main job. So, I had to find something online – a work from home job, which I can do anytime during the day, and whenever I am free.

And eventually, I found one way. keep on reading to know what it was.

So, it was now my job and the side project (work from home) that paid me enough to survive in a place like Mumbai.

Here’s one takeaway for the newbies here:

“Blogging and Online marketing go hand in hand.”

So, find a way to learn Online marketing. If interested, get a job in this field, which is a good idea for you if you have just started your career; coz you get to learn so many things and you’ll be working on different projects and most importantly you get to use many premium tools for FREE.

So, that’s an option; don’t worry about the salary, just learn as much as you can.

And the other option is, you can simply sit at home start a blog and practice for yourself; learn and implement. But you’re gonna need some money to invest. So, probably look for something like the project I had worked on.

Decide for yourself. Coz, I don’t know what situation you’re in your life right now. Probably getting a job is the only option you have, since the second option might take some time.

So, anyway, here it is – the project that helped me survive in Mumbai…

How I Made $3500 from a Work From Home Job?

You should know upfront that, this is not an online marketing tactic to earn money. It’s a pure form of work from home job.

I couldn’t have made more than 13k per month even if I wanted to; unless the US dollar value increases unexpectedly.

Before we dive in… I have a bad news and good news.

Let’s start with the bad news.

The bad news is, I am not sure if the company still has this project with them. So, don’t get your hopes up.

But the good news is, I do know they still have some other projects which you can try.

One more thing, the very reason I am sharing this story with you, only because, I want you to realize that if you really want something and put in your best effort to get it, you never know how the universe will talk in its special forces to help you out.

I was desperate to learn and also to earn. I believed that something will turn up and dedicated my time to the things I had in hand. And eventually, it worked out pretty well for me.

My point being, don’t ever give up. Keep pushing yourself to the highest extent. You can never know how it feels to be at the top until you reach there.

moving on…

So, what is this company?

The company I am talking about here is called Leapforce, now acquired by APPEN (another company in a similar domain)

“Leapforce provides an exciting home-based career opportunity where you can put your acute analytical skills to work, providing valuable feedback and critical insight for some of today’s leading companies.” – That’s what their website says about them.

Simply put, Leapforce is one of the companies that hire people from all around the world and provides an opportunity to work from literally anywhere; all you need is a computer with a good internet connection. Leapforce is mainly known for its “search engine evaluators” job they provide. I have tried once to get into that project but the exam was too hard for me, and also I had very little time to prepare. So, I couldn’t crack it.

Just in case if you’re wondering what this search engine evaluator is?

Then, a Search Engine Evaluator is someone who will evaluate search engine results for relevance to a search query. Basically, you will be given a search term along with the search results for that search term from a specific search engine, like Google or Bing. Then, you’ll have to determine whether the results are a good fit for the search term or not. You’ll have to rate the search results based on some parameters and also need to explain why you think so.

If you go to their website, you’ll see they always have this search engine evaluator’s job open. So, if you are one of the smart people then sure give it a try, coz this project pays you more.

I am just a mediocre guy but turned out to be lucky this time and got a very simple project where I just needed to rate some FB ads and provide a detailed explanation about the rating I gave.

I am sorry, but I can not get into the details of the actual work I did since I don’t want lawyers breathing down my neck about the non-disclosure agreement I signed with the company. So, you will have to apply and see for yourself.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. You will see a list of job opportunities. Select the one you want to work in. *
  3. Select your country and language (for Indians it’s gonna be English)
  4. Once you select your country and language it will take you to a long registration form, you have no option but filling it up with your correct information.
  5. Once you’ve successfully registered, you will have to confirm your email, as this is gonna be the only medium for communication between you and the company.
  6. That’s it. From here on Leapforce will directly contact you with the next steps you should take.

* For step no.2; sometimes you just gonna see one project but whatever it is, just keep on following the steps; coz, there’s no other way to get to the project dashboard. You have to register for at least one project. And once you have access to the dashboard you can always come back and check if there’s any new project that you qualify for.

The Best Work From Home Job Providers:

If you can’t get into any of the projects they have, there are few similar companies that provide the same type of work. Keep watching them as well.





That’s it. I hope you too turn out lucky like me.

Even if you don’t, no need to feel bad about it. Coz, there’s plenty of other ways you can make money online. And the intention behind this blog is to teach you some of them, if not all of them.


P.S., I would have taken you through each step in details but I am bound by the non-disclosure agreement I signed with the company. I am not even allowed to mention the name of the project. However, the position I had worked is called Social Media Evaluator.

You might not get this exact project but you can try the other projects that are available to you.

The pay is good enough to survive in a city like Mumbai if you know how?

And the payment is done monthly basis. The company is genuine, so don’t worry about the payment. If you are selected for any project then, just work on it and focus on your main objective (to make your blog the next big thing, I believe).

And also my advice to you, don’t take this job too seriously unless you wanna end up heartbroken. You might get a response or you might not. it took me months to finally get in.

And even if you get in for any project, you will be taken for a six months contract at first (unless you screw up somehow in between, and then they can just shut you out) and then your contract might get renewed or might not.

Like I said, I was lucky in this case so I got to work for 18 months. But you might not get that.

So, take whatever you earn from this project as your stipend and keep working on your blog and learning digital marketing as your internship and make that your main priority instead of looking for other ways to make some extra money.

Coz, you don’t wanna be distracted by some easy money-making schemes available online. They are not real. Even if they are, they won’t make you rich. SO, better focus on something which actually can.

If you’re really serious about making money online then I will suggest, Start a Blog.

And besides, starting a blog will also help you to learn digital marketing. And once you’ve mastered digital marketing, then the sky is the limit. You’ll never have to worry about any extra money.

So, stay in touch; we’ll do some cool stuff together.

Haven’t already subscribed to my newsletters, you can do it below.

Just stay put with your main goal and never give up. Remember:

“Luck favors those who never give up.”

On that note, see you soon.



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      If you’re still looking for an answer to your question then I would recommend reading this post on How to start a blog?

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