13 Best Off Page SEO Techniques to Try in 2021

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Off Page SEO Techniques 2021

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Before we start with the best off-page SEO techniques to try in 2021, let me tell you something more important.

“The perfect Off-page SEO starts with an excellent On-page SEO. And an excellent On-page SEO starts with creating quality content.”

The content on your blog is the foundation, if it is strong, it won’t be much of a hustle to do a perfect SEO.

That being said, having awesome content on your blog isn’t always enough, you got to invest the time to get your SEO right.

There’s a second element that puts a lot of impact on your search rankings. And that is your site’s loading speed & performance.

Take an example of this post, I haven’t build a single link to this post. yet it is ranking on an average of 3-4 in Google.

There are 3 things that making this possible.

  1. Valuable content. (Read the whole post and let me know if it’s valuable to you or not)
  2. Speed & Performance. (For this I use only A2Hosting and its inbuilt TurboBoost feature; Read My Review for more info on this )
  3. Social Signals. (Read about it below)

So, if you’ve been asking yourself why can’t I find my articles on Google? then you know the answer now.

Either you haven’t created awesome content yet or haven’t worked on your blog’s SEO, or maybe both.

“Great copywriting is still the number 1 thing you can do for a website” Jill Whalen, CEO High Rankings

So, the first rule of SEO is to “create great content.” And then do SEO.

I have already talked about SEO and the best on-page SEO techniques and strategies to try in 2021.

if you’ve missed that post, then go ahead and read that first.

Anyways here’s a brief on SEO again.

Search Engine Optimization is the only way to get FREE traffic from search engines and it is a must if you want to rank high.

There are two types of SEO:
● On-Page
● Off-Page

On-Page SEO: It is what you do on your site. Like optimizing Title Tags, Meta Tags, Image Optimization, Keyword Density, etc.

Off-Page SEO: It is what you do outside of your blog. It is something where you put in the efforts to build your brand presence on the internet away from your blog to build the overall authority of your site.

Off-page SEO is all about generating backlinks to your blog from other relevant blogs or sites. It is so much like internal linking but the links here come from other domains.

difference between Backlink and internal links

To rank higher in Google you need to build high-quality backlinks to your blog. Keep in mind though, you don’t want to build all your links to the homepage only.

In most cases when someone is referring to your blog, they would point it to an article on your blog. That is called deep linking.

The backlinks on the above image are deep links, they all are pointing to a different post on your blog.

But if you get to choose, keep a ratio of 30% (homepage) 70% (posts).

Remember Off-Page SEO requires consistent efforts and it is not something you can achieve overnight.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it. Today in this guide I will show you some of the best strategies to build high-quality backlinks to your blog and rank on autopilot.

So, let’s get started!

13 Off-Page SEO Techniques or Link Building Strategies:

#1 Social Bookmarking

It’s one of the best and clean methods to build backlinks and gain highly relevant traffic to your blog.

Google loves Social Bookmarking websites as the content is updated very frequently on these websites.

You can use sites like Mix (earlier StumbleUpon), Digg, Reddit, SlashDot, Bizsugar, etc. Although you won’t get a do-follow backlink from these sites, still they are very effective.

It is the fastest way to index your website or blog post in search engines and it will also help you gain an overall brand authority of your blog which is loved by Google and the search engines.

Use proper tags that are related to your niche on these Social Bookmarking websites to drive highly relevant traffic to your website. Just share the new content with tags on these sites it’s 100% FREE.

#2 Forum Link Building

You just need to use this footprint to find forums in your niche: “Your Keyword” + Forums. Replace your keyword with the target keyword you are trying to rank for.

But before you get a do-follow link you need to participate in threads and try helping people answer their queries. Once you gain enough popularity in your niche and stand out as an expert you can then post direct links back to your website and get a do-follow backlink to your blog.

As the Forum sites have a very high authority it will impact a lot on your domain.

#3 in Off-page SEO techniques – Commenting

Off page SEO techniques - blog commenting

Comments don’t work the best in 2021 because sites now come with a default no-follow tag on all the comments.

However, commenting on high authority blogs in your niche can drive some serious traffic back to your blog.

And to your surprise, there are still some blogs available on the Internet that provides a do-follow backlink to your blog.

The only thing which you need to keep in mind is that while posting a comment make sure you keep it relevant to the article and don’t just comment to acquire a backlink.

Keep it natural and keep it simple.

#4 Directory Submissions

I have heard many people saying that Directory Submissions are dead and they don’t work anymore. In my opinion, it still works best. However, it depends on the sites you choose for Directory Submission.

If you are picking General Directory sites than it’s difficult to get a quality result but if you select Niche Directory websites then I am sure you’ll get some quality link juice.

It’s a little difficult to find Niche Websites in comparison to General Directories but it is worth the effort.

Here is a list from the Search Engine Journal to get you started.

#5 Infographics

Infographics are the best asset you can create for your website and can sell it to other websites like hotcakes.

The best way to acquire a backlink from Infographics is to approach other website webmasters who have already written similar content like your Infographics. Ask them for a backlink and in return provide them with your Infographics.

There are several websites like submit infographics, Reddit, Visual.ly and InfographicLove wherein you can directly submit your Infographic to get a backlink.

Infographics are the best method to make backlinks in 2021. Having an Infographic is like having an asset that you can sell to multiple people and reap the benefits later.

#6 Article submission

There are several websites who are hungry for new and updated content regularly. For that reason, they have a free Article Submission section on their website.

So being smart here, we can just provide them with high-quality content and can acquire quality backlink back to our blog.

Sites like Entrepreneur, YourStory, Hubpages are always looking for some amazing content to publish on their website.

Usually, they take up to 48 hours to check your article manually and if it matches their standards you easily get a do-follow backlink; pretty amazing technique, right?

#7 Scholarship Link Building

The most proven and result oriented link building strategy is Scholarship Link Building.

The process here is simple, make a dedicated page on Scholarship related to your niche. Next, you need to approach .edu and .org websites and show them this page.

Show them how their students can win a scholarship prize just by submitting an article or a case study on your website. Once they are convinced, all you need to do is ask them for a link back to your website.

The best part is all the .edu and .org websites have very high authority and Google loves these sites a lot. Just by acquiring 10-15 scholarship links will help you rank like crazy in Google.

P.S., I am trying one another way to get a .edu backlink from an authority site, I will share that soon if that works.

#8 Broken Link Building

Off page SEO techniques - Broken Link Building

Another proven method to pocket in some backlinks is the Broken Link Building method.

All you need to do is pick up a high-quality website in your niche. Next, check their 404 pages from the tool like Screaming Frog or Website Auditor or just Google “Find Broken Links” you’ll get many free broken link checker.

If the 404 pages are redirecting to an external link then look for an email through which you can contact the webmaster and tell them the issue.

While addressing the issue at the end you can ask for a replacement of the link to your blog.

But make sure you have a similar article/resource already written on your website. If you don’t have one then make sure you write it before contacting them else all your efforts will go in vain.

#9 Building Social Signals

Social media is getting big day by day and now in 2021 Google takes into consideration how strong is your website when it comes to Social media presence.

In 2010, Matt Cutts from Google had officially confirmed that they now count social signals as a ranking factor in Google.

Check out the video:

However, in 2014 Matt Cutts again reported something opposite to his last comment, that Google doesn’t count social signals to rank websites.

And in 2016, Gary Illyes, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst also confirmed the same.

But, despite Google employees denying it, I still believe Social Signals are an indirect ranking factor. In fact, there are many websites out there that are just ranking by having good and genuine social signals.

If you don’t agree with me just ask yourself, is this a coincidence that websites with high ranking positions also have high numbers of social signals?

Now, if that is ringing any bells here’s how you can gain some Social Signals for your website:

● Run Paid Ads to get Social Signals. – FB ads, IG ads, Twitter ads.
● Build a page and share your content there. – register on all the famous social media
● Buy Social Signals. – fiverr is a good place to look for.

Make sure you are present on all the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

Share all your articles there and get some high-quality genuine social signals for FREE.

#10 Link Exchange

It’s the hot topic which I have seen growing really fast. As the name implies you exchange your link with the other website for FREE.

It’s not highly recommended and if done excessively it might penalize your blog directly from Google.

However, if you are just starting out then yes, you can get some good link with the Link Exchange method but do not make it a regular habit.

#11 Local Citations

Local Citations are not made for all the websites. However, if you are into some local business and want to rank higher in Google than Local Citations is the go-to option for you.

Websites like FourSquare, YellowPages, and Google My Business Listing are the best way to grab links for Free.

This is one of the best Off-Page Strategies to keep in mind while operating a Local Business.

#12 Guest Blogging

I love this method the most. It’s 100% genuine and never going to die in the SEO world.

Guest Blogging the best and natural way you can get backlinks from. Moreover, Google loves this technique as it requires a lot of effort.

For Guest Blogging, you need to outreach to various websites and after getting the confirmation you have to write content specifically for their website.

All in all, it’s a very time-consuming process but it’s 100% worth the efforts.

#13 Competitor Backlink

It’s like stealing all the backlinks of your competitor and rank higher than them. It’s a simple technique to follow and works like crazy.

You just need to check where your competitor has built the backlinks from and copy the exact same strategies to build backlinks for your website.

Tools like Ahref, SEMrush, Open Site ExplorerMajestic SEO will help you find out from where your competitors have acquired the backlinks.

It’s quite easy to follow and gives you the best results.

Over To You

I hope you liked the Off-page SEO techniques and strategies which I have shared with you today and which works the best in 2021. So, if you really liked the article or it helped you in any way then do share it with your network.

Remember: off-page SEO takes a lot of time and consistent efforts to get a better result.

So, don’t feel overwhelmed if you can’t get any results quickly. Just give it some time and continue doing what you need to be doing.

I’ll see you soon.

Have anything to ask or add? Please share it in the comment. I will surely get back to you asap.


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  1. Another great Article.These trends are quite useful for businesses seeking to improve their online marketing

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  2. Thanks for letting me know about latest off page seo technique…

    For now, I am using the link Roundup and guest blogging to promote my business… Getting the good result with both process… Thanks

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    I am blogger and would like to recommend to do blog commenting and guest posting,
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    I am little bit confused that article submission that, Will article submission work in 2019?

    1. Yes, I believe so. might not work directly, but it would help you indirectly. Let’s say your post is performing well on YourStory, it will send Google a signal about its authority, which will affect your rankings in the long run. And even if it doesn’t work for rankings, it will still help you to get more direct traffics. You shouldn’t mind that at all.

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      Rich snippets have no direct effect on your rankings, but it can help better your search rankings in the long run.
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      It is true, we should be very careful while creating backlinks. It’s wise to create one good quality link than too many spammy links.

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