Siteground Coupon – Get 70% Discount Without One [Update 2021]

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Siteground Coupon code 2021

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The bad news is, the Siteground coupon doesn’t exist, never in the years that had passed or not in 2021 or maybe not in the years to come.

Siteground never provides any coupon code to anyone. I had a chat with one of the SG support team members. She confirmed they don’t have any coupon system. Have a look at the reply I got from her.

Siteground discount coupon

So, if anyone is claiming they have a coupon code, don’t fall for it. Coz it’s not true.

Siteground Coupon Code 2021: well you don’t need one

Since there’s no coupon code available, how do you get a discount then?

Glad you asked.

The good news is you can still get up to 70% off on your web hosting plans without applying promo code.

Just Click this link >> Siteground Promo Link

It will take you to the discount page where you can get the 70% off on your first purchase. In a way, you can say the coupon code is already applied to the link by the provider.

So far many of my readers have used this promo link and availed the discount without using any coupon. It’s 100% working in 2020, and it will work in the years to come. Just follow the steps below to avail the offer without an offer code and get an instant 70% discount on any Siteground hosting plan you pick.

How to Get a discount without any Siteground Coupon Code?

  1. Click here to open the Siteground discount page. (again, you don’t any coupon code; it will be applied automatically)
  2. Select the Plan you want to buy.
  3. Select “I already have a domain”.
  4. Enter your domain name and “Proceed”.
  5. Sign up and fill out your billing details.
  6. Make your payment and complete your purchase.

Pro tip: Before buying the Hosting Plan, first buy a domain name. And don’t buy the domain name from Siteground itself, it will cost you a lot. Instead, buy it from or Godaddy.

I have been using Siteground for quite some time now, I can blindly recommend it to anyone. It is by far the best hosting provider I have ever used.

SiteGround is well-known for its innovation & they are one of the best companies that are officially recommended by WordPress itself. The other two companies that had made it to the list are Bluehost and Dreamhost.

Just in case you decide not to go with Siteground, I would recommend Bluehost or A2Hosting are the other best options at a cheaper price. Check out the links below:

Again you don’t need any coupon code here as well. Just click the links to activate the offers.

Get up to 72% discount on A2hosting hosting;

Get a 60% discount on Bluehost hosting;

Siteground’s cutting-edge support team and truly amazing features will surely make you fall in love with them.

Some of those amazing features are:

  • Full SSD storage (Improve web-hosting performance by 3X)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • SuperCacher for great speed. (with this, even the starter plans can also handle up to 2.5 lac hits per month)
  • WP-CLI and SSH enabled (Good for developers)
  • Staging for WordPress & Joomla Websites (Only on GoGeek plan)
  • Daily backups
  • Free Cloudflare CDN

Apart from these, they have a pretty responsive & friendly technical customer support. If you want to migrate from another web host to Siteground then they have their own dedicated migration tool.

And if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can get it done for FREE as a Professional transfer service (available for free on GrowBig and GoGeek plans only).

If you have a high traffic website, they also offer Cloud hosting & dedicated hosting.

Three things I liked most about Siteground:

1. Customer Support: There’s one recent incident, I was working with a new plugin, and accidentally I flushed all the cache. Next thing I know my whole site is broken. And unfortunately, I didn’t have any backups.

I deleted the plugin, deactivated all the plugins and reactivated one by one, disabled Cloudflare and literally tried everything I could. But no luck.

For a moment, I thought I lost the site and I would have to recreate the whole site.

My last hope was the Siteground’s support, I initiated a live chat and after trying for one hour the guy on the other side finally brought my site back to normal.

In such situations, an excellent support system is the best thing money can get you.

2. Transparent Pricing: They have three plans, StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek. The best thing is all are discounted with 70% if you buy from this link. You can pick any plan you want for 1 year, 2 years or even 3 years you will get the same percentage of the discount.

They don’t play any trick here, where other hosting providers will give you a discount, only if you buy it for more than one year.

3. Speed: It’s been months now. I haven’t experienced any downtime yet. The speed is really awesome. And “Speed”, being one of the ranking factors in search engines, you definitely don’t want to ignore it.

So, from my side, it’s a 5 star to Siteground.

Siteground Renewal Coupon Code [again not available]

Like I said earlier, Siteground Coupon Code doesn’t exist. So, that means there is no renewal code as well.

HOWEVER, if are looking for a discount on your renewals then, you will have to renew for at least 2 years. Just follow this link and renew your plan. If you renew for 2 years you’ll get a 20% discount and for 3 years 30% discount.

Note: Sometimes this link might not work. in such cases, you can just raise a chat and ask the support team member to help you with the discount.

Still not convinced? Read the Full Siteground Review

Or Just go to and check out all the features they have and then make your decision.

And if you’re convinced, then, below I have added a few screenshots and tips to help you avail the offer;

Need more help to avail the discount?

Step 1: Go to

Siteground promo code 2021

Step 2: Select the Plan you want to buy (GrowBig is recommended, as you can host multiple sites)

*you can compare the plans here >> Siteground Plans Compare

Siteground hosting promo-code

Step 3: Select “I already have a domain”. Enter your domain name and click on “Proceed”.

siteground coupon 2021

Step 4: Sign up and fill out the billing details. Make your payment. That’s it!

For this step, you will need a credit card or an international payment-enabled VISA debit card. If you don’t have one then, signup for a zero balance Kotak 811 account (it’s FREE).

It hardly takes 5 minutes to open the account. Just go to the above-mentioned link, fill out your details. Your account will be opened instantly. It is valid for one year and if you do your full KYC you can use this forever.

Now download the app from the link they would provide, sign in, add some money from your other bank account and use the virtual debit card that you’ll get with the account, to make the payment on Siteground.

How to Install WordPress on Siteground?

Once you have availed the offer and purchased your hosting plan, it’s now time you start your WordPress blog.

So, here’s a video to show you how you can install your WordPress site on your newly bought Siteground hosting.

If you need more help with blogging then Instagram me @bloggingventure

Over To You:

I don’t see any reason why you would not take advantage of this offer and start your dream project already.

But by any chance, if you’re having any second thought because of the pricing then you can check out the other best WordPress hosting in India.

Alternatively, you can also go with Namecheap for now and later when you start to make some money you can always move to any of the other recommended hostings.

Just remember though, Hosting performance is correlated to its pricing. The more you pay the better performance you’ll get.

So, just go ahead and take advantage of the already applied Siteground coupon code link and start your online brand today!

Because that’s what matters.


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