Best Blogging Sites in India to Earn Money 2021

If you’re here looking for the best Blogging Sites in India to earn money or if you’ve been curious if there’s a way to make money without a blog of your own? then you’re in for a treat today.

Because in this post, you’ll finally have the answers to both of them. BTW, it’s the same answer for both – “Revenue Sharing sites”.

We’ll talk about them in detail; just sit tight and read on 😉

This post is for you if:

  1. you’ve been thinking to start a blog but have self-doubt (whether you can make it as a blogger or not).
  2. you don’t have the budget to start your own blog.
  3. you don’t want to go through the technical hassles of starting a blog.
  4. you’re someone who just loves to write and wants to share your experiences with the world but doesn’t want to manage a blog.
  5. you already have started a blog, now looking for ways to reach more readers.

Blogging in recent times is one of the most sought-after activities people are opting for. And it’s getting popular in India as well.

If done right and with full dedication, starting a blog can actually open avenues for the future.

That being said, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of managing a blog then luckily there’s a similar way of making a similar kind of revenue (or even more) with less effort.

Yes, I am talking about the big revenue-sharing websites out there that are earning in big numbers and willing to share a percentage of their profits with you; in return, all they want from you is to create awesome content for them.

That sounds awesome, right? You don’t have to worry about anything but creating great content and make money. That’s like a dream come true; isn’t it?

Well, before you get too excited and make a decision let’s first talk about the good and bad of this sort of venture.

Pros and cons of writing for a revenue sharing site:

Let me share the Pros first

Advantages of joining a Revenue Sharing Site:

Prebuilt Audience:

When you start a brand new blog your audience is next to none, but with revenue sharing sites you get to leverage an audience base that was already built by the site, for you.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to get a ton of traffic on your blog overnight, you’ll have to slowly build your audience and that takes time.

So, you can just create content for the revenue-sharing websites and make money.

Pro tip: Start a blog of your own anyway. Wondering why? look at the cons;

What you could do is while you work on building a following for your own website, just create extra content for the revenue-sharing sites as well and earn a decent income doing that on the side.

This will keep you motivated and in the long run, as an added benefit you’ll be able to take a huge advantage of the traffic that is coming to your posts on those sites, by bringing that traffic to your own blog.

High ranking:

Similar to the last point, when you start a brand new blog it’s very hard to get rankings on Google or any other search engines for that matter; unlike some rare cases where you find some very high volume keywords with low competition.

But with revenue sharing sites, in most cases, they already rank high in the search engines, therefore, the chances of your published content on those sites ranking high in the search engines are very high.

Eventually, (like I mentioned already) play smart and get that same traffic visiting your own blog as well.

Unlimited earning potential:

If you’re a content writer (who doesn’t own a blog), when you write for a brand or website, you’re usually paid upfront and only once.

But with revenue-sharing websites,  instead of a one-time payment, you will get paid continuously as long as your content is getting views and generating ad revenue for the site.

Even for a blogger, you don’t know how much time or how many posts it will take for you to start earning a decent income from your blog.

On the other hand, with revenue-sharing websites, it’s possible to make money from your first post itself.

Freedom of writing:

Since there’s no limit on how many articles you should post on those sites, you have the full freedom to decide how many posts you want to write or how many you can actually manage with your time.

Also, with the exception of a few sites, you even get to write literally on any niche that you want.

Disadvantages of joining a Revenue Sharing Site:

You don’t get paid for the losers:

As a content writer, when a brand or website hires you to write content for them, you get paid a lump sum upfront.

So, once you’ve delivered the project you have nothing to do with it, whether the brand or website is able to generate revenue from your content or not; it’s their business, you get paid either way.

But in the case of revenue-sharing sites, if your content is not attracting enough visits you might not get paid at all.

You don’t own it:

Well, it’s pretty simple, since you don’t own the sites, you don’t get to decide on anything that goes around with the site in the background.

Which means:

  • You can’t apply any ideas that you might have.
  • You can’t even design the look and feel of your profile, in some cases you might, but it will be very limited.
  • You can’t decide what type of products to promote (though, in some rare cases you can).
  • You can’t build your own email list (unless you’ve started a blog of your own as I suggested and redirecting some of the traffic to it)
  • Most importantly, you can get kicked out if you violate any of their guidelines, even if it’s unintentional.

So, it makes sense to start your own blog and have full control over it. Also to take advantage of those sites to generate traffic to your own blog.

That being said, if you don’t care about building a brand of your own as long as you’re able to create a passive income, then it totally makes sense to go with these websites.

The choice is yours!

Great, now that you’ve understood the pros and cons, without further ado, let’s dig in and find out how to make money blogging, but without having a blog of your own, or maybe as a side income while growing a blog of your own.

Best Blogging Sites in India to Earn Money?

Q. How to make money without a blog of your own?

A. The simple answer is – by using any or all of the below-mentioned revenue sharing blogging sites in India:

Note: Since I have written this post mostly to be read in India, that’s why I’m mentioning the “in India” part in the heading. These sites that I have mentioned below are global sites, so you can take advantage of them as much as any Indian.

5 best Blogging sites in India to make money online


Now that I have presented you with the top five blogging websites in India to make money online.; Let’s discuss in detail how these websites are opting for a revenue-sharing model.

1. Medium

best blogging sites in india to earn money - was founded by Evan Williams and launched in August 2012, Medium is an American online publishing platform. It establishes an example of social journalism with a hybrid collection of aspirants and highly professional publishers posting exclusive blogs, making the platform a blog host.

Williams, the previous co-founder of Blogger and Twitter created the platform Medium; for publishing write-ups and documents that are longer than 140-character (now 280) proposed by Twitter.

Since its launching, Medium raised $132 million in funding and underwent countless strategic pivots.

Medium established itself as a great relief for the writers, as they now need not worry about running a blog and take up the burden of distribution, thereby providing the writers with a growing network of readers.

Earlier only a selected group of writers could publish their work over the platform, which changed later on when Medium hired a director of content who laid focus on receiving great content for the platform by paying the writers.

In April 2016, Medium announced new tools for publishers and members supporting publishing, thereby allowing the readers to support the publications they loved through paid memberships.

Recently, Medium brought changes in its publishing strategy and business model. They brought the change towards the mix of paid journalists working on their publications, which would reduce and support independent writers.

How to Make Money on Medium?

Most of the writers writing for Medium and posting their stories at least once a month generate some money.

According to Medium as of July 2019, nearly eight percent of active writers earned over $100. The most earned by a writer in the same month was $22,639.47, while the most earned for a single story for July 2019 was $6,720.35.

Medium attracts more than 220 million monthly users and makes money through memberships at a tag of $5 per month.

When a member reads a story and claps for it, the writer receives payment of a portion of their membership dollars.

2. InfoBarrel

best blogging sites in india to earn money -

Founded by Ryan McKenzie and Kevin Hinton, InfoBarrel consists of a community of writers. They dedicate their time to creating amazing content gazed at helping the readers either in gaining knowledge or solving their problems.

Launched in beta form on July 31, 2008, the concept behind its creation emerged in 2007 amidst a game of Racquetball.

In February 2012, InfoBarrel emerged as one of the topmost 2500 most visited websites in the US and received over 2 million monthly visitors. By February 14, 2012, 88,000 members registered and published more than 99,000 articles over the platform.

How to Make Money on InfoBarrel?

The founders made InfoBarrel a platform that rewards its writers for the creation and posting of amazing content.

Writers have options to either donate their earnings to charity or build a passive income stream through several advertising channels.

Every time a writer posts a piece of content on InfoBarrel, they have an opportunity to earn money.

As a publisher of InfoBarrel, you can earn up to 75% of the total revenue generated from the advertisements displayed on your content.

Earlier, the advertisers such as Google AdSense used to pay the publishers for the advertisements. However, due to difficulties in receiving accounts, InfoBarrel pays directly to the publishers through PayPal.

To know more about how to get started on InfoBarrel go here > writing for Infobarrel

3. HubPages

best blogging sites in india to make money online -

Founded by former employees of Microsoft, Paul Edmondson, Paul Deeds, and Jay Reitz in 2006, HubPages emerged as a user-generated content or revenue sharing website.

However, the start-up had to face immense struggle until 2016, when the platform announced its shift from a single site to a multi-site structure after the introduction of separate “vertical sites”.

Each of these vertical sites contains articles covering a group of diverse subjects. A platform helps passionate writers, explorers, and knowledge seekers to interact, inform, ask questions and find the answers.

HubPages emerged as one of the best rich and rewarding publishing platforms has a unique set of tools and resources, which helps the writers in finding and creating an audience, easily create articles, and earn rewards from accolades to advertising revenues.

More than 35 billion people explore HubPages’ network sites every month. HubPages grants permission to its writers to post their writings for joy.

How to make money on HubPages?

After you post an article on HubPages, the platform will serve advertisements on your articles, which would provide you with an opportunity to earn from your published work.

If you want to earn from your writing, first you need to sign up with one or more of the affiliate and earning programs.

In simple words, for earning money, you need to get associated with the affiliate partners of HubPages and regularly publish articles on unique and well-researched subjects about which you know.

On average, if you receive 300 views of your published work a day, you can earn about $1 from the HubPages Ad Program.

4. Unanchor

How to make money without a blog -

Founded by Jason Demant and Mohammad Forouzani, Unanchor began its journey during the yearlong trip in 2010 planned by Jason throughout Asia.

While on his voyage, Jason became frustrated in figuring out what to do and where to get around.

That’s when he had the idea to create a platform where people can share their travel experiences so that anyone who will be travelling to those places can take advantage of the shared information to plan their trip accordingly.

How to Make Money on Unanchor?

Unanchor engages writers all over the world to publish their content on travel itineraries and local secrets of your hometown with the travellers who indulge themselves in exploring the world.

After publishing the contents of the writers, Unanchor sends 50% of the total revenue generated by selling the itineraries via PayPal.

A writer receives a minimum pay-out of $10.00 per month.

To know more about becoming a travel blogger on Unanchor, go here > Become A writer at Unanchor 

5. TrendHunter

How to make money without a blog -

Launched in 2005 by Jeremy Gutsche, an innovation and chaos expert, and award-winning author, TrendHunter is the world’s largest and popular trend community.

It receives over 2 billion monthly views, TrendHunter takes advantage of big data, human researchers, and Artificial Intelligence identifying customer insights, thereby diving into deep opportunities for the best global innovative companies.

Their research and workshops help over 900 billionaires, brands, and CEO.

How to Make Money on TrendHunter?

Writers engaging with TrendHunter need to provide unique ideas that any global platform never featured before.

If the article makes its place on the first page, the platforms split 50% of the revenue generated by Google ads with the writers.

Another great advantage for a full-time writer is that when you write for TrendHunter they allow you to build your very own portfolio for free and you can write about pretty much any niche that you choose as long as it’s unique.

You can sign up and get started right away, go here > Become A writer at TrendHunter

Wrap Up

I am sure by now you have the answer to your queries “How to make money without a blog of your own?” or “What are the best Blogging Sites in India to earn money?”

If you still have any query please ask in the comment. I’d be more than happy to help you out.

Here are my top recommendations: and are best if you don’t want to write just about anything. However,  I’d always suggest, stick to just one specific niche, this helps you to build authority.

And if you’re into the travel niche.

So, that’s it.  Feel free to share your feedback as well.

We live in an era where the internet is progressing rapidly and hence, we have numerous opportunities to make a living online.

And in this article, I’ve just highlighted one of them.

The discussed sites in this article are the best and trustworthy ones through which you can generate a decent enough income from the comfort of your home, even if you do it part-time.

So, take advantage of the Internet age. Select the one that matches your interests and passion, conduct deep research, and start earning without a blog of your own.

Before I leave you, here’s an advice – since you’re gonna be investing so much of your time writing, don’t just do it for the money, do it only if you’re passionate about it that will ensure a great beginning.


Stay Safe.

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